About us


Who we are...                   

Welcome to "MyArtIsMySoul" Art Studio! 
While I have a degree in arts and an art credential, I’ve learned that you don’t need to be an “artist” or have an art background to teach the basics of art to kids.  All you need is passion, good directions and willingness to have fun with it! 
Over the years, I’ve developed hundreds of successful art lessons for kids, and my passion now is to make them accessible, so more kids can benefit from them.  

Our classes...
We offer year-around fine art classes for all ages. At "MyArtIsMySoul" Art Studio, you not only learn how to draw and paint but also develop creative problem solving skills and increase your confidence. 
Accomplishment with confidence is our mantra.

What's in it for kids?
There’s something magical about  the personality, charm, character, and spontaneity found in the art created by kids.  
Behind the creative process there is hidden benefit of openness.
Art gives kids the freedom to make choices where there isn’t only one “right” answer, encouraging critical thinking and self-expression. Also, it develops skills of analysis, problem solving, invention, and reflection - the same thought processes used by today’s great thinkers, innovators, and leaders.  Kids love it!!