Art Class

Adult classes
                  Times               Class Name              Price

         9:30am-11:30am            Paper quilting                            $225/month   
In this class students will evoke the beauty of quilting with exquisite design crafted with paper and thread instead of fabric. Students will apply various quilting techniques as well as their own artistic style to create decorative pieces. The class will evaluate their work and discover advance methods to take their quilting to the next level.
         12:00pm-2:00pm        Water Color Painting                 $225/month
This class is for beginner and intermediate artist who would like to explore an intuitive approach to "looser and juicier" painting with watercolor.Students will be encouraged to draw and explore the techniques and materials used to achieve success with this particular medium, while discovering new artistic possibilities. Each week will begin with a demonstration of new watercolor methods an on-going demos as the class progresses.
             12:00pm-2:00pm             acrylic painting                         $300/month
                                                           oil painting                                $300/month
In this class, participants will use the elements of art, line, texture,shape, color and value to unlock and express the vision of an artist. Students will develop the skills to communicate their own ideas through art. A little color theory, a lot of imagination, plus a chance to work along side peers who have similar interests will make this class FUNdamentally awesome.
              9:30am-11:30am            Art journal                                $225/month
              12:00pm-2:00pm            Mix media                      $240/month

Experimental and energizing! Mixed media painting is a fun and spontaneous way to work with two or more mediums.In a shared learning environment, adult students will experiment with a wide variety of materials, such as: oil and acrylic paint, watercolor, oil pastel,recycled fabrics and paper. Mix media students can expect to gain new awareness and articulation to thoughts, concepts, and emotions which cannot be fully expressed in other methods of communication. 
          9:30am-11:30am           Henna Art                                 $195/month
This class is intended for students who would like to learn the historic and cultural significance of henna. How to make your own henna paste, and create traditional and one -of-a-kind designs.At the end of this course students will know how to create and apply their own henna, and develop designs. 
               12:00pm-2:00pm           Jewelry                                      $225/month
Learn how to make fabric, paper, and foam beads to make your pattern more personal. This bead jewelry can be fun way to try making something that sits outside of your collection. This is a great way to express your creativity through design.


             12:00pm - 2:00pm        Paper Mache                              $225/month

Every year millions of tons of paper waste is thrown away. In this class students will explore lots of fun and creative ways of recycling some of it. Participants will use their imagination to create recycled art work that can be worn, played with, or used as decoration. In just four week, children will learn basic paper mache techniques and enjoy making a variety of objects out of this salvages medium.